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Please select the link below to download ExerciseLog2. The download is a fully-functioning version of the program, but allows you to enter only 20 exercises without purchasing a software key.

Download ExerciseLog2 (ver. 1.1.5)

Please note that you must have the following prerequisites installed on your machine:
(The installer should let you know if you need to download one or all of these components)
Windows Installer 3.1 Download Windows Installer 3.1 
Microsoft's .NET Framework 2.0 Download .NET 2.0
Microsoft Data Access Components 2.8 Download MDAC 2.8

Additionally, we recommend a Windows XP or Windows Vista computer with a 1GHz processor and 256MB RAM.

Please contact us with any problems. email:

If you are a user of the original ExerciseLog, and want to copy data from that program to this one, I have provided a utility for this. Please be aware that not all of your data may be converted successfully... please make backups of your databases before running the utility!

Download ExerciseLog Data Conversion Utility

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