version 1.1.5 - 6/30/09

1. Allowed for international time inserts.

2. Updated style on weight units combo box in the add user form.

version 1.1.4 - 7/21/08

1. Changed combo box styles in reports.

2. Allowed for international number inserts.

version 1.1.3 - 4/30/07

1. Full report was looking for user-defined fields as of the date of the first record being reported. If a user-defined field was added to an exercise type that had previously not had any user-defined fields, any reporting that included records previous to that point was not showing the user-defined data.

version 1.1.2 - 3/9/07

1. If viewing current month, and then go back a year, the number of weeks used to calculate the average number of miles was using the current month's day for calculation. Changed so it only does that if current month and current year (AddMonthYearTotals method).

version 1.1.1

1. Added user averages to the text report.
2. Removed Splash Screen to fix problem with enter Key form where cursor is in the first field, but does not allow typing in the field. Splash screen always had focus.
3. Set focus to the OK button on Enter Key form when 3 characters have been entered in the third key field.
4. Updated the calendar's month and year combo boxes to be of type dropdownlist.
5. Set tabstop to false on all of the "edit" fields on the calendar form.
6. Set appropriate control to have focus in the User, Equipment, Weight, Courses and Workout Type forms.
7. Made it so that the calendar is not refreshed on loading the combo boxes until both the month and year have been set (bReadyToBuildCalendar = False).

version 1.1 - 10/15/06

1. This version replaced the Microsoft Chart Control with ZedGraph.
2. Updated the calendar on the main form to be a control; it now refreshes without the entire form flashing.

version 1.0

1. Changed the default month value in weight report from 1 to 12
2. Updated text in frmBackup (successfull misspelled, back up changed to backup)
3. Graph report - took the header off of the chart and put a label on the top (frmGraphRpt.vb). Now displays the 3 character month instead of the full month (clsReports.vb). Took the tick off the front of the years on the compare years graph (frmGraphRpt.vb).